Presentation Papers

Sustainable Economies:

True Cost of Food; Valuing the Priceless

Sustainable Capitalism; Our Best Hope for the Future

Economics as if People Matter; Farming for Quality of Life

Innovations for Sustainable Prosperity

Economics of Happiness in Food and Farming

Sustainable Communities:

Unfulfilled Promises of Rural America

Economic Colonization of Rural America

Cleans Water and Livable Communities

Defending Rural Communities Against Economic Colonization

Healthy Soils, Healthy Communities, Healthy Economies

Sustainable Farming:

Agroecology: Science, Farming System, or Social Movement?

Reclaiming the Future of Farming

Crisis and Opportunity in American Agriculture

The New American Farm

Reclaiming the Roots of Organic Farming

Relationships and Sustainability

Reconnecting with the Earth and Each Other

Farming in Harmony

Reconnecting People and Place

Reconnecting with Society and Nature

Food, Faith, and Earth

Family Farms

In Defense of Farming

Securing Agriculture for Family Farms

Multifunctional Small Farms for Global Sustainability and Food Sovereignty

So You Want to be a Farmer?

True Cost of Big Farms

Local Food Systems:

Status and Future of Local Foods

Role of Urban Agriculture in Changing Food Systems

Agri-food Opportunities in Peri-Urban Areas

Ten Steps to Forming Local Food Networks

Future of Local Foods and Small Farms

Farm and Food Policy:

Climate Change Policy for a New Green Economy

Changing Political Climate for U.S. Farm Policy

Farm Bill Debate; Not Just a New Farm Bill but New Farm Policy

Conflicts of Farm Policy with Food Safety, Nutrition, and Health

Food Sovereignty: A Revolution in U.S. Food Policy

Factory Farms--CAFOs:

The Economic Realities of CAFOs

Things Everyone Should Know about CAFOs

With Factory Farms, There is No Middle Ground

Top Ten Reasons to be Concerned about CAFOs

Holding Factory Farms Accountable: The Power of Community

Global and Local Food Sovereignty:

Feeding the World Intelligently--without Corporate Agriculture

Local Food Sovereignty--with Community Food Utilities

Food Security; The First Requisite for Agri-food Sustainability

Good Food: Your Right, Your Responsibility

Innovation for Food System Transformation